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About Us

We operate year-round in Denver, CO and offer half-day and full-day guided tours that offer a different challenge level for everybody.


Choose which difficulty level you want to begin with, and we’ll help guide you to the next!


You’ll learn all about Colorado’s unique landscapes, wildlife, and history while gaining valuable outdoor skills.


*We are fully insured and permitted to operate on the lands we provide our tours on and always follow Leave No Trace Ethics*

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To help participants gain resilience, strength, confidence, and knowledge to feel successful in the outdoors, while building community along the way.


We want everyone to feel at-home in the outdoors.


Spending time in nature has an incredibly beneficial impact on the body, mind, and spirit, serving as a much-needed reset button in our busy world!


Immersing ourselves in a wilderness setting increases the perceptions of our five senses, offers a fresh new perspective, sparks curiosity and adventure, and provides a sense of relief from everyday life.


It leaves us feeling more energized, inspired, refreshed, and revitalized!​

Feeling confident in wilderness settings is crucial to feeling comfortable in the outdoors.

We'll help connect and familiarize you with Colorado's flora and fauna, geological features, history, weather, essential hiking tips, gear recommendations and must-haves, and more!

Once you become familiar, you'll start to feel more safe, and once you feel more safe, you'll feel more at-home.


Once you achieve this level, we hope that it inspires and drives you to hike further, climb higher, explore deeper, and continue to learn and challenge yourself! 

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